Brake Pads

Accossato brake pads are born from the experience gained on the main national and international racing circuits. Hours of tests have led to the birth of 6 compounds for daily use but also racing use. The organic compound (OR) guarantees long performances and limited disc wear, with a high braking modulation. These pads cover the markets of scooter, motorcycle and off-road too. The sintered compound (ST) is made with the sintering process that allows an excellent stability of performance, with the maintenance of a high coefficient of friction; the mixture allows a drastic decrease of the "fading" effect even at the highest temperatures; it is a product designed to guarantee a high and constant coefficient of friction at all temperatures giving an excellent friction even in the wet; thanks to its characteristics it is recommended for road use.

The pottery ZXC compound is produced with sintering-process. This pad is medium temperature resistant; for its own characteristics it gives a high grip maintenance that guarantees constant braking and avoids the fading-effect, maintaining a high temperature of the brake disc. This pad is recommended just for racing. The STMX pads have been created to satisfy the demands of those riders who love the Off-Road world. For this reason, the STMX is a compound essentially worked out for the cross and enduro world. The EV1 compound has been designed for street use or amateur racing because it has an excellent grip and maximum reactivity, a high efficiency both in the dry and wet and avoids the "fading" effect, providing high performance in all conditions. The Top Racing EV2 compound has been created, for racing use, to offer maximum performance in the most extreme conditions: it has an excellent grip and an extremely reactive braking, allowing a very low disc consumption and offering excellent performance at all temperatures. Due to its characteristic, it should not be used with "wave" and "butterfly" discs. All the pads are made in Italy, a distinguishing sign of an excellent quality product.

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