Accossato Rear Axial Brake 2p Caliper...
Accossato Rear Axial Brake 2p Caliper...
Accossato Rear Axial Brake 2p Caliper...
Accossato Rear Axial Brake 2p Caliper...

Accossato Rear Axial Brake 2p Caliper cnc-made with 84 mm distance.


Accossato Rear Axial Brake 2P Caliper For Motorcycles.

  • Distance: 84 mm.
  • 2 Aluminium pistons.
  • 2 pads, code AGPA42, are included and you can choose the compound.
Brake trim

Rear Axial Caliper 2P
Tech Specifics
Manufacturing: cnc-made
Distance: 84 mm
Off-set: 16 mm
Pistons: 2 pistons in aluminium - diameter 34mm
Dust seal: yes
Pads: 2 pads code AGPA42 included
- ORGANIC  for longer performance and limited disc wear out
Finishing: hard oxidation and black oxidation

Accossato introduces in its range of calipers new rear axial version caliper.
Caliper is designing with the most advanced technology, using the best materials on the market.
A clear example is given by the structure of the calipers CNC-worked with 5 axes. The shape of the calipers
has been realised with the support of CAD research in order to obtain the lightest weight, the best rigidity of
the body and the best heat loss capacity throughout a special treatment in hard oxidation.
During the machining, the body of the caliper is 100% controlled by the three-dimensional lab machines.
Two pads for each caliper guarantee the best performance.

4 Reasons why you should choose an Accossato brake caliper:
1) Aesthetics: we take care of every single aesthetic detail of the Accossato radial caliper.
2) Range Available: A wide range of different models, colours and distances to choose from.
3) “Made in Italy” quality: all radial brake calipers are completely made in Italy. Every single part is
designed to deliver an improved braking performance.
4) Controls: we always control and test all radial calipers before mount and introduce them in the

Warranty and Maintenance:
Accossato brake calipers are covered by a 24-month warranty starting from the date of invoice. Without these documents the warranty won’t be valid.
Accossato radial brake caliper is unique: indeed, it has a serial number, it is identifiable and different from
the other radial calipers. The removal of the serial number will invalid warranty and maintenance.
Maintenance on the Accossato caliper is carried out within a working week from the arrival of the radial
caliper. Maintenance includes:
- Visual external inspection of the product
- Dismantling of the parts of the caliper
- Visual microscope inspection of all the components of the caliper
- Visual inspection inside the body of the caliper
- Replacement of the seal dusts
- Assembly of all the parts
- Static test of the caliper
- Dynamic test of the caliper
The replaced parts are disposed and from the maintenance, the caliper acquires a 12-month warranty as
stated by invoice. A further (second) maintenance will not extent the 12-month warranty of the product.
The maintenance will not include replacement of other non-mentioned external parts.
In case of falling, the maintenance is carried out only if the caliper can be fixed and come back to its original
status, like a brand-new part.

What to do in case of fall?
The radial brake caliper is a safety product. Accossato discourages to keep on riding after a fall,
especially when you suspect or experience issues on its correct functioning.
Is there any repair kit for the Accossato caliper?
Replacements can be purchased separately. Please note that in case of non-original parts mounted
on the caliper, the product will not be covered by warranty.
What brake fluid should I use?
Accossato suggests using DOT 4 Accossato Racing fluid, specially conceived to be used by the most demanding clients who desire a top performance braking process. Accossato developers recommend extreme caution when using braking fluids available on the market. More specifically, take extra care when using DOT 5.1 at boiling point: in fact, this fluid must be
removed from the braking system soon after a competition and/or a single use. In case you fail to remove it, it may damage the seals of the braking system.
How much should I fasten the bleeding valve?
Accossato recommends to fasten the screw with a torque wrench at 8-10Nm. We discourage to try to fasten the screw with your hands without measuring the tightening. After bleeding the caliper and tight the valve, blow some compressed air around the screw in order to let the oil out that may be left
in the crest of the thread and in the central whole with a diameter of 3mm.

Spare parts and accessories:
code: AGPA42- Pads available in various compounds
code: PA035 - piston in aluminium, Ø34
code: UP034 - piston seal Ø34
code: GP034 - dust seal Ø34 
code: AGPEI - stainless steel pin
code: AGM01- Anti-rattle spring
code: AGFS - Safety catch

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