A sky full of Emotions in Losail for Accossato Racing partner teams

The World MotoGP 2021 finally starts in Losail (Qatar) circuit.

Johann Zarco and Jorge Martin – Ducati Pramac team – start aggressively since lap 1.

Zarco fight hard to reach the podium during all 22 laps without letting his guard down. Just before the finish line, he prevails on Mir and Bagnaia and gets the second position.

Martin gets the 15th position.

In Moto3, the Team Sic58 Squadra Corse features the brand new Accossato Fuill Clutch Control CF017.

Tatasuki Suzuki comes back after testing positive to Covid. He starts from one of the last positions and conquers the 8th position.

The new entry of the team from Riccione – Lorenzo Fellon – shows his determination for all the 22 laps and finished his first Moto3 race with a 19th position.

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