Cm Racing – A longstanding friendship turned into partnership

Accossato Racing has known Manuel Cappelletti, Cm Racing Manager since 2009.

The team was born in 2017 and started from the European Stock Championship. They won the CIV in 2020 and in 2021 the team landed in the World Supersport class with Luca Bernardi.

As rules have changed in 2022, teams in the World Supersport 600 are able now to upgrade their front and rear master cylinders.

CM Racing Maximilian Kofler will use Accossato adjustable front master cylinder, Accossato hand rear master cylinder and some products (like our brake hoses and more).

The Accossato master cylinders have been chosen for their promptness, reliability and resistance.

Looking forward to collecting victories together, Accossato is very proud of this collaboration!

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