Kyle Wyman and Harley Davidson Champions of the King of The Baggers

Kyle Wyman’s talent and determination are limitless. He had to stop a bit after his accident and surgery. Not only did he come back on his Harley Davidson but he won in Laguna.

Kyle Wyman and Harley Davidson are officially the champions of the King of the Baggers.

Kyle used Accossato PZ001 CNC worked calipers. Accossato Racing is proud to celebrate the victory of this amazing champion!

In SBK, Toni Elias raced on KWR’s Ducati V4R. He got a P8 and felt absolutely amazing using the full Accossato braking system on the Bike.

World champion approval means a lot. Accossato is proud and will always aim higher and higher and make your racing experience unfortgettable!

Made in Italy – conquering hearts and engines everywhere

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