New Accossato Axial Brake 2p Caliper cnc-made with 40 mm distance

Accossato introduces in its range of calipers new axial version calipers. Caliper is designing with the most advanced technology, using the best materials on the market.
A clear example is given by the structure of the calipers CNC-worked with 5 axes. The shape of the calipers
has been realised with the support of CAD research in order to obtain the lightest weight, the best rigidity of
the body and the best heat loss capacity throughout a special treatment in hard oxidation.
During the machining, the body of the caliper is 100% controlled by the three-dimensional lab machines.
Two pads for each caliper guarantee the best performance

Axial Caliper 2P
Tech Specifics
Manufacturing: cnc-made
Distance: 40 mm
Off-set: 26.5 mm
Pistons: 4 pistons in aluminium - diameter 34mm and 29.5 mm
Dust seal: yes
Pads: 2 pads code AGPA96 included
- ORGANIC  for longer performance and limited disc wear out
- SINTERED for guarantee a high and costant grip level at high and low temperatures, giving a good grip on wet ground or
- ZXC a pottery compound ideal for racing use. 
Finishing: hard oxidation and black oxidation
Rotors: diam. 250-300 thickness 4-6 mm

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