Our new Accossato Racing E-commerce portal is on line

Accossato is delighted to introduce its new B2B portal to our industry insiders.

Ever since its design stage started in EICMA 2019, we have developed a more efficient and adaptable tool, to suit every client’s needs.

Our new B2B platform is fast and user-friendly. It enables our clients to process their purchases smoothly, simply and offers a unique surfing experience.

We have introduced new filters in order to make research results easier. You can search for model, description, code and synonym.

Thanks to these new features, a click will easily give our clients access to whole information on our products (pictures, marketing promotions, technical features).

The upgrades on the new Accossato B2B portal are part of a wider strategy whose aim is to add a product configurator.

Enjoy browsing!

Product added to wishlist

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