Team TWR Ducati and Grégory Leblanc together with Accossato in the French Superbike for the 2021 season

After winning the title of France’s Champion for five times (2 in Supersport and 3 in Superbike), Grégory Leblanc has decided to come back to the 2021 French Superbike Championship. Like all champions, Grégory needed an ambitious project for this challenge; thus, he’s decided to create his own structure of the TWR Team. Apart from this first challenge, Grégory wanted to stand out from the others and so he’s chosen to ride a V4-R Ducati Panigale – supported by Ducati West Europe. Gregory, surrounded by trusted people, has also received the support from prestigious partners such as Accossato. His goal is clearly to conquer the sixth title of France’s Champion. But also, to grow his structure and put his partners under the best spotlight. These are not the sole challenges for Grégory Leblanc and his team. He’s also founded his Junior Team in order to offer young talent his expertise and lead them to success. In 2021 there will be 3 pilots in the TWR Junior Team. There’s definitely a double challenge for the collector of victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but he’s not afraid “I am aware I haven’t chosen the easiest way creating my own structure. Indeed, this is what makes the challenge interesting. I would like to thank Accossato as well as my other partners who believed in me and will support me over the whole season.” 

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