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Be Accossato,

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Accossato handlebars specifically designed based on strictly quality checks being the handlebar a very important and safe product.

The huge range is totally made in Italy and is subjected to a very accurate quality checks for all the handlebars production.

Checks start from the raw material for the aluminum or steel one, while requiring certificate of raw materials to the Supplier and then doing further checks within Accossato metrological laboratories and in some cases making use of the experts of the Politecnico Turin.

The fuell range of the handlebars is totally made in Italy and is subjected to careful checks during the whole handlebar production cycle. Before the anodization , which is carried outside by Qualified Suppliers , handlebars are 100 % inspected by trained staff that is instructed to find any type of Non Conformity process. 

This division produces the same handlebars for the major national and international motorcycle. 

The production can be:

- Aluminum handlebars 22 mm diameter with stret road and off-road bends

-Steel handlebars diameter 22 mm

-Steel custom handlebars diameter 25.4 mm

-Variable section aluminum or steel handlebar with a diameter of 28-22 mm

The finish of the aluminum handlebars can be brushed or micro blasted while the anodization is in black , gold, orange, red, blue, silver, green. 

Handlebars finish steel is achieved by coating cataphoresis + powder or chrome plating to 2 or 5 layers able to withstand over 240 hours in the salt spray test. 

Experience , quality and Italian production have every reason to rely on Accossato handlebars.

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