Sales conditions

1. Introduction

All our sales are governed by these Terms. Each different agreement must be expressly endorsed by ACCOSSATO.

ACCOSSATO accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies, errors, omissions, in which it is incurred involuntarily compiling your lists, catalogs, websites and other technical publications, as well as reserves to review at any time and without notice the product range marketed by implementing price changes.

Accossato may decide to close a Customer account at its discretion.

2. Prices

Sale prices will be those resulting from ACCOSSATO lists in force at the time of order Prices are considered ex works, net of taxes and shipment costs.

Any expenses related to bank receipts and labels will be the sole responsibility of the customer and will always be reimbursed by the latter to ACCOSSATO.

3. Make an order

Orders Accossato Racing and / or Distribution AG may be made through the B2B by making the registration on the site 

Orders can also be sent through the representatives of the area. Not allowed to send orders by fax or verbal orders, not written.

4. Discount

Any discounts will be calculated on the price list from time to time, in a scalar

5. Delivery

Prices are for goods delivered ex works:

therefore the Delivery is carried out at the time and place of the output of products from the warehouse, ceasing all seller's liability thereon.

If you agree on the delivery of the goods at home, shop or the customer's warehouse, damage or missing items should be immediately notified immediately upon receipt of the goods by the customer.

The customer must provide a copy of the purchase invoice and / or receipt by sending it to ACCOSSATO within 8 (eight) working days, by fax to:

0119696033 or email:

5.1 What to do when receiving a package

Check your package entirity as soon as delivery takes place. In case of non entirity, it is also possible to accept it by signing conditionally. Signature subject to retification must be reported onto delivery receipt, explaining in detail what the observed problem is about. i.e. “As package looks damaged, I hereby state to accept its delivery by signing conditionally”; in addition to this, please explain in details what the damage consists in, by filling in “Notes” field.

-Signature subject to ratification must be reporter onto delivery receipt given by courier

-It is possible to sign conditionally also on courier's electronic pad

-Signature subject to ratification is a prerogative to initiate the complaint procedure against the courier


In case of damaged packaging / damaged product and signature subject to ratification:

- send a report e-mail at within the next 8 (eight) days, by describing the damage with photographic material attached.


Product entirity check and damage report must occur before any installation of the product.

5.2 Customer services

Accossato guarantees direct assistance to all those customers (shops or distributors with VAT number) who directly purchase the products from our B2B portal. 

How to receive assistance?

It is possible to receive technical support on the product purchased in the following ways:

- by WhatsApp: sending photos / videos and a small description of the problem to the following telephone number +39 371 172 2064

- by E-mail: writing an e-mail, attaching photos and videos of the problem encountered, and sending it to the following address:

- by Telephone assistance is provided only if it is not possible to solve the problem via email and WhatsApp and only after opening the practice of assistance at the following link:

If I am a private person, how can I receive support?

Private assistance is given for any type of anomaly from the retailer where the purchase was made. It is up to the retailer to apply the service procedure for the product purchased

What to do in case the retailer does not give assistance regarding the purchased product?

It is however necessary to present an invoice or receipt. In this case, Accossato replaces the retailer, after searching in its database, and tries to provide assistance for the product purchased.

In case of non-showing of invoice or receipt, it is not possible to get assistance.

5.3 Warranty terms

The Warranty for Accossato products is 24 months (referring to technical issues of the product) from the date of sale Accossato to the retailer.

The Warranty Terms in reference to the purchase of batteries and equal to 12 months from the date of sale of the battery from Accossato to the retailer. 

5.4 Overhauling of radial pumps and radial calipers accelerated

Both the pumps and the Accossato radial calipers have a warranty period of 24 months from the date of sale. Accossato to the dealer.

To review one of these products simply send an e-mail to and we will contact you in order to illustrate the revision procedure.

It is not possible to make revisions outside of Accossato: any attempt to tamper with these products will irreparably lead to the termination of the warranty and / or the impossibility of carrying out a revision anyway.

Following the revision, both the pumps and the radial calipers acquire an additional 12 months warranty from the date of intervention. 

5.5 Products to be used in closed circuit

products reserved for closed tracks the products on this catalogue are intended for exclusive racing use and must be used on closed tracks. their usage on public highways and roads is strictly forbidden. the assembling of the spare parts must be done by accossato authorized distributors and shops.

5.5.1 Exclusion of liability

Accossato racing or its distributors will be glad to help the customers chosing the exact and/or neccessary spare parts for their own motorcycle.

Accossato racing reserves the right to modify/cancel without replacement technical specifications, colors, materials or to stop the production of some kind of products.

The company will provide all the details with no obbligation omissions,errors,misprints excepted.

In any moment accossato racing reserves the right to modify any section of this catalogue.


Accossato racing invites all the racers to wear the correct clothing and to drive coscientiously in respect of the traffic laws.

Some products of accossato’s selection can’t be homologate to be used on the public  highways (based on the rules of the different countries).

For further information please contact Accossato racing sales department.

7. Return

Any returns of Accossato and / or Distribution AG products to be previously agreed with Accossato technical department , after filling out the form that will be sent , by sending an e - mail: 

In the absence of the appropriate documentation and / or written approval of the Accossato technical department , the company reserves the right to reject any unauthorized return .

In case of anomaly Accossato products and / or AG Distribution , shipment costs will be at charge of the producer.

7.1 Returns for wrong order

In case of order by a customer, whatever it is, (private customer, store, wholesaler or distributor) who, for whatever reason found an error in compiling the code, it can be made if and only if its request is received to ' company (by e-mail or no later than the following 72 hours dated the of invoice . Following the written that Accossato send, the return will be made by express courier at the expense and product (or products) must be delivered intact and complete in all parts of the original packaging.

Accossato reimburse 85% of the value of the goods purchased, the remaining 15% will be retained as the cost of re-stock which will include the re-storage and issuance of credit note.

The products that come without the original packaging or experience problems (signs of mounting signs due to falls, etc.) will not be refunded and will be available to the customer for collection at his own expense, for a period of 7 working days after which They will be scrapped.

7.2 Products that in not possible to refuse or sending back

When ordering brake hose from a customer, whatever it is, (private customer, store, wholesaler or distributor), who for whatever reason found a mistake in filling out the product code, this can not be made because Accossato assembles Kit on request following specifications of the Customer (color braid, banjo, etc.) and does not have a goods warehouse of brake hoses.

8. Payments

The payment must be made directly to ACCOSSATO, unless otherwise agreed.

The Customeris expressed required to make payments within the stipulated terms, without any right to oppose in compensation against claims of every kind. 

The delay in payments will accrue interest on arrears applicable at that time. Assuming that it agreed a discount of currency for payment terms (cash discount), the Customer's right to the discount will automatically expire if the day of the deadline set for the enjoyment of the discount, the payment will not be received at the headquarters of ACCOSSATO. POWER OF WITHDRAWAL AND SUSPENSION OF EXECUTION

Both in the case of late payment, and in the case prove to be paid by the customer protests by third parties or other signs of insolvency, the ACCOSSATO reserves the right to terminate the contract in whole (or only for the part being chased) and \ or suspend 'execution.

The above, without any right by the Customer to compensation or compensation and without prejudice to the freedom of ACCOSSATO proceeding with any other measures deemed useful to adopt precautionary or executive.

9. Jurisdiction

Any dispute is conventionally referred to as the place of jurisdiction is the registered office of the ACCOSSATO.

10. Disclaimers

The above conditions of sale shall not apply to OEM customers for which value has the supply contract signed.

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