All Accossato products are covered by the manufacturer's standard warranty is that it comes from Accossato or one of its partners private consumers also enjoy the 24-month warranty for defects, according to DL 24/02.

To use the warranty, the customer will keep the invoice.

If a product sold by us present some defects or the technical problems you can contact our support team by writing a report at tecnico@agmoto.com, one of our technicians or possibly a technical manufacturer will determine if your problem is addressed without return of the product.

In the event that our technical service to confirm the fault, it will be provided written permission to return the product, in the absence of such authorization the returned goods will be rejected by our warehouses.

It is pointed out that for the private consumer is the person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or making a purchase order form without indicating a reference to VAT; the private consumer benefits from the guarantee of the seller (two years after delivery) and 1 year manufacturer's standard warranty (1 year after delivery); please note that for professional user means those who buy for business purposes, or with VAT; the professional user benefits only the standard warranty (1 year after delivery, unless extensions granted by the manufacturer).

These terms of warranty do not apply to companies with which OEM Accossato works and for which they are valid contracts signed.

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