Accossato radial brake calipers

Brake calipers Accossato are made, entirely in Italy, using the best technologies and materials on the market. A clear example of this technology is the structure of the clamps made of monobloc and machined with 5-axis CNC machines. The shape of the clamps has been realized by carrying out complex CAD studies, to ensure the least possible weight, the optimal level of rigidity of the body and the best heat dissipation capacity generated by braking. During mechanical processing, the clamp body is 100% controlled by three-dimensional laboratory machines; in the next phase, the product is oxidized through a special treatment in hard oxide, which gives it a prolonged resistance over time. The pistons of the calipers are, depending on the models, of two different materials: titanium or aluminum. Possible distances are 108 mm, 100 mm or 60 mm.

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