Motorcycles Grips

The Accossato grips are divided into racing grips, CNC aluminum grips and warming-up ones. The racing ones are available in multiple layouts, keeping the particular grip that allows the driver to make the least effort possible. The CNC aluminum grips combine anodized aluminum with rubber that allows an excellent grip and comfort in the guide; they are supplied with three cams that allow these grips to cover a large part of motorcycles produced by the most important national and international motorcycle manufacturers. The warming-up grips are products with a superior quality, easy to install and equipped with a protection device against polarity reversals: in case of wrong connection the control unit will not suffer damage. The temperature control has 4 positions and it is integrated in the grip, the control unit is separated, in case of replacement of that, it is not necessary to disassemble the grips. The grip has non-slip design.

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