Lithium Batteries

The lithium LP batteries, with LifePo4 technology are unique in their category and stand out for their revolutionary configuration with double polarity: 2 positive poles and 2 negative poles, give multiple possibilities of application. The total references that make up the range of lithium LP batteries are sufficient to cover all motorcycle applications, declined according to the various types of traditional batteries on the market. The extremely low weight represents a great strength point of the lithium LP range: these batteries are in fact more than 70% lighter than the equivalent traditional batteries and stand on average less than 100 gr, compared to their range equivalents. The lithium LP batteries have been specially designed to withstand more than 2000 charging cycles, in complete safety. Connected to the appropriate charging devices, these batteries are designed to withstand a charge current 10 times higher than normal, allowing you to make a quick charge at high current. Thanks to their explosion protection technology, they are designed to react passively in case of exposure to excess charge current during charging cycles.

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