Traditional Batteries

he wide range of traditional LP batteries includes all types of motorcycle batteries available on the market, reconciling the demands of the most demanding customers to an incomparable quality-price ratio. Unique in its genre, the wide freedom of choice offered by the LP range consists of more than 200 codes of reference, divided between the traditional GEL, SLA, AGM, DRY and DRY+ACIDS lines and equipped with the most modern technologies of the sector products. Thanks to special lead alloy grids inside, all traditional LP batteries are able to keep the charge longer, significantly reducing the natural process of self-discharge. Compared to their equivalents, the LP batteries are also made to withstand even the toughest temperatures, generating a higher voltage and longer lasting even in extreme conditions. Extending the intervals between recharging cycles means prolonging the functionality of the product itself, thus saving time and money in the post-use management of the product.

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