Oil Filters Mann Filter

The oil filters Mann filter meet all the needs of vehicles and engines on specification indicated by manufacturers. The high filtering efficiency of the individual product is accompanied by an optimal wear protection of every internal component of the engine. The high capacity of dirt absorption, maintains the degree of cleanness that the engine needs, prolonging the life of the vehicle and helping to preserve the engine from wear. The Mann filter oil filters stand out for an excellent degree of engine lubrication and significant fuel savings, filtration and optimal lubrication during cold start, easy maintenance and recovery of recyclable filter materials. The oil filters Mann are made, in fact, with 3 types of filtering materials: cellulose, designed for applications that require the use of mineral oils; cellulose with the addition of synthetic fibres for applications requiring the use of semi-synthetic based oils and synthetic fibres, for the cleaning of the latest generation engines requiring the use only of pure synthetic based oils.

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