Returns and Refunds


Any returns of Accossato and / or Distribution AG products to be previously agreed with Accossato technical department , after filling out the form that will be sent , by sending an e - mail: 

In the absence of the appropriate documentation and / or written approval of the Accossato technical department , the company reserves the right to reject any unauthorized return .

In case of anomaly Accossato products and / or AG Distribution , shipment costs will be at charge of the producer.

Returns for wrong order

In case of order by a customer, whatever it is, (private customer, store, wholesaler or distributor) who, for whatever reason found an error in compiling the code, it can be made if and only if its request is received to ' company (by e-mail or no later than the following 72 hours dated the of invoice . Following the written that Accossato send, the return will be made by express courier at the expense and product (or products) must be delivered intact and complete in all parts of the original packaging.

Accossato reimburse 85% of the value of the goods purchased, the remaining 15% will be retained as the cost of re-stock which will include the re-storage and issuance of credit note.

The products that come without the original packaging or experience problems (signs of mounting signs due to falls, etc.) will not be refunded and will be available to the customer for collection at his own expense, for a period of 7 working days after which They will be scrapped.

Products that in not possible to refuse or sending back

When ordering brake hose from a customer, whatever it is, (private customer, store, wholesaler or distributor), who for whatever reason found a mistake in filling out the product code, this can not be made because Accossato assembles Kit on request following specifications of the Customer (color braid, banjo, etc.) and does not have a goods warehouse of brake hoses.

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